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When words are not enough

All people are different: different looks, different lifestyles, different thoughts ... Getting to know a person in an hour or two of a photoshoot is very hard. However, it is very important to learn about the person in advance, so you understand what they like! When you are making a second, third photo session for them you start to feel that the person is letting you into their life. Same was with Katrina Landa. I knew her long before our photo session, but by working together in a photoshoot, we became closer. At such moments, comes a feeling of excitement, you start to talk with the model more than necessary, making more photos than usual, and then, over a cup of tea, you review photos, discuss them, laugh and smile.

Katrina often surprised me with how she opened her personality and artistic talents during our photoshoots. While being a very relaxed and light person in day-to-day life, she was able to become alluring, playful and serious at the same time.

Our first shooting was done in a park as a walk with a camera!

I must tribute to the skill Katrina’s make-up skills! A photographer can always change something in the Photoshop, but when a girl has a professional make-up, she feels much more confident, which you can always see on her photos. A separate article shall be designated for a professional photography make-up.

The dress and, especially, its color, was a winning one as well. What could be more pleasant than making snapshots of a girl in a red dress on the bright green grass.

The sun was very active on that day and we spent a lot of time seeking shade.

Katrina is a wonderful actress and singer. She is a girl with a goal, and is making big steps towards it!

Our next meeting was spontaneous! I just came home from a photo session. Katrina called me and asked, if I can do a shoot now. I couldn’t reject another opportunity to work with such amazing person. We were looking for a place that I long wanted to find, but found another one! The sun was already setting, so we had to act fast. The time of the day was very good, so-called "golden hour" for the photographer. The “golden hour” is the hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset!

When the light was already low, we made ​​a couple of hilarious images that cheered us up when we later discussed them. It is always important for me to know what the model likes and what she doesn’t.

A very important point is the smile. When a person smiles, you always want to smile in response. You get more energized and want to continue the photo shoot just to see how the model enjoys the session.

I received a lot of positive emotions during these photo shoots.

Thank you, Katrina Landa!!!

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